4 Fun & Creative Ways to Arrange Your Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Posted by Ryan Owens on Aug 11th 2016

Every wedding ceremony needs a unique flair that guests will notice the moment they arrive. Setting up your wedding ceremony chairs in a fun and creative way may just be the way to get that flair. Proper wedding ceremony chair arrangements help all guests have a good view and can add a personal twist to your ceremony. If you’re preparing for a late summer or fall wedding, there’s no better time to consider creative arrangements. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Tiered Wedding Ceremony Chair Arrangement

A recurring wedding complaint comes from guests who can’t see the ceremony from the back row. In a large wedding, guests in the back will catch a glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle, and nothing else until the recessional. Tiered seating provides a way for everyone to see the ceremony.

As with everything, there are a few downsides to tiered seating. If there are guests with accessibility or mobility concerns, tiered seating may not be an option for them. Additionally, if there are several children as guests at the wedding, the temptation to run up and down the tiers may be too strong to resist.

If tiered seating sounds like the best option for your wedding, the next step is to choose your wedding chairs. Folding chairs are the most convenient to set up, but plastic ones can shift around as people seat themselves. Our wooden folding chairs are easy to set up and offer the sturdiness of real wood.

The Circular Wedding Ceremony Chair Arrangement

Round seating has become more popular with weddings over the past decade. This is a fantastic option for lavish affairs with large guest counts. This arrangement uses all the space surrounding the couple, which means you need less rows. This, in turn, means the folks seated in the back row can still enjoy a good view of the ceremony. Round seating is also an excellent choice to conserve space in small settings or unique locations.

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Circular arrangements are best when there is no specific focal point or backdrop for the ceremony. For a wedding at the beach, under a large tree, or with a particularly scenic background, a circular setup may detract from the location.

The Spiral Wedding Ceremony Chair Arrangement

Source: gideonphoto.com

This growing trend is one of the most creative ways to set up your wedding chairs. Like the circular setup, it allows all guests to view the ceremony from a variety of angles. Additionally, every single guest will get a close-up view of the processional and recessional. This allows for the happy couple to make eye contact with and share quick moments with their loved ones as they walk down the aisle.


This arrangement does work best for smaller ceremonies, however, because it definitely extends the time it takes to walk the aisle. Brides with long trains may also want to consider an alternate chair set up because the train may not have room to be fully extended in a spiral aisle. This whimsical arrangement looks best with elegant Chiavari chairs.

The Classic Row Wedding Ceremony Chair Arrangement (With a Twist!)

The standard wedding chair set up, rows of chairs divided down the middle by the aisle, has become a classic for a reason. The aisle easily accommodates the entire wedding party, families sit together, and it has been a staple for so long that guests intuitively know where to sit and don’t need any extra directions. That doesn’t mean you can’t shake it up a bit. Consider arranging the chairs at an angle, to provide guests with a more encompassing view. Not quite a ceremony in the round, but a set up where the guests can easily see the aisle and the actual ceremony without having to turn around completely. As with a circular chair arrangement, classic wedding chairs or Chiavari chairs work well in this setup.

Choosing a creative arrangement of your wedding ceremony chairs can be done for logistical or stylistic reasons. Whatever the reason, taking a fresh approach to your seating is a fun way to add a personal twist to your ceremony. If you have questions about which chairs or arrangement would be best for your wedding venue, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help.