5 Ways Chavari Chairs Offer Comfort and Style

Posted by Ryan Owens on Dec 15th 2014

A popular rental seating option, a Chiavari chair is easily recognizable by its characteristic spindle frame construction. It showcases a ladder-like back design with a series of short, vertical spindles on the upper backrest. There is also a double row of spindles on the chair’s legs as an added design feature.

A Brief History

In 1807, a cabinetmaker by the name of Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, who hailed from a town on the northwestern coast of Italy called Chiavari, came up with the chair’s design. He based the Chiavari chair on chairs inspired by the French empire, which had no spindles and only one crossbar on the backrest. Today, the Chiavari chair is a reliable staple in ballrooms, convention centers and other types of event venues throughout the country and across the world.

There are several reasons behind the chair’s vast appeal; below are five of them.


Each section of the chair is designed according to the stress that it will bear, giving the Chiavari chair structural soundness and durability. The spindles on the backrest further add to the chair’s stability and support. The construction of Chiavari chairs make them comfortable, stable and long-lasting.


A Chiavari chair is light and easy to move around, making it ideal for the guests who use them and the staff who have to set them up and put them away. Being lightweight, they are also easy to stack, which is a definite advantage for organizations or companies with limited storage capacity.

Practical Padded Seats

Chiavari chairs often have padded seating that is attached to the seat using Velcro straps or ties. These cushions typically have covers that can be easily removed for cleaning as well as changed to match a particular interior decor.

Design Versatility

It’s easy to use the construction of the Chiavari chair as a distinctive design element. A simple swath of fabric tied into a bow around its back or woven in and out the spindles on its backrest is sometimes all it takes to give this humble chair an elegant look.

Color Choices

Modern Chiavari chairs are made from different materials (bamboo, metal, acrylic, etc.) and come in a number of colors. This makes them extremely versatile in terms of completing and complementing a wide range of interior decorating styles. This versatility also makes them equally at home in large, formal settings as well as in casual, intimate gatherings.

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