5 Ways To Decorate Your Tables for Thanksgiving

Posted by Ryan Owens on Nov 13th 2014

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American feast and every year, families all over the country gather around a table to celebrate in their own special way. If you need banquet tables and folding chairs for your organization’s Thanksgiving repast, we carry a wide selection of these items and so much more. Below are five easy and simple ways to dress up your Thanksgiving table so your celebration can be even more memorable.

Mix and Match

A Thanksgiving table does not have to be ultra-formal. Your guests will feel more relaxed and will enjoy themselves more if they don’t have to worry about spilling a drop of red wine on an antique lace tablecloth. Instead, create a more laid back and visually interesting table to put your guests at ease.

Not sure whether to use the crystal or porcelain candlesticks? Use them both! If you really want to use your antique lace tablecloth, spread another colorful tablecloth on top of it. This adds an extra layer of protection so you and your guests don’t have to worry about spills or mishaps.

Use Non-Traditional Colors

Although Thanksgiving is a time of tradition, shaking up things a little will keep your celebration fun and light. While they’re not the typical colors associated with the season of Thanksgiving, a blue and white tablecloth will simply make the autumn flowers on your centerpiece jump with color by contrast.

Create an Interesting Centerpiece

Avoid using anything in your centerpiece that will discourage your guests from engaging in active conversation. This would include tall vases, towering flow arrangements, etc. Instead, use bud vases with a simple floral arrangement, and spice it up with votive candles in low glass holders or a strategically placed taper to enhance your table decor.

Make Your Guests Feel Special

By using individual soup tureens or handwritten place cards, you can make your guests feel truly welcome at your table. Taking the time to personalize as many of the decorations and details as possible will make your Thanksgiving feast truly special for each one of your guests.

Unique Decorating Items

Much like the Christmas tree where ornaments from holidays past are hung each year, include items from past Thanksgiving celebrations in your current decorating scheme. It could as simple as a ceramic candlestick your child made during camp or as deeply touching as a late loved one’s favorite fall flowers on the table. It adds a layer of meaning to your decor that your guests will appreciate.

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