7 Advantages of Multipurpose Seating

Posted by Ryan Owens on Oct 23rd 2014

Multipurpose stacking chairs are made from highly durable molded plastic and metal legs. They are a common feature in a variety of settings, largely because of the many benefits they offer. Over our time selling classroom furniture, we have collected seven of our customers’ favorite reasons to purchase multipurpose seating, and we wanted to share those reasons with you.

1. Design Versatility

Multipurpose stacking chairs can be created to suit your needs, whether you need a specific seat size, a taller back or even a specially contoured back. A variety of designs exist, and they can often be customized in appearance.

2. Adaptable to Different Settings

You can easily use multipurpose banquet chairs in many different settings. They are equally at home in an auditorium as they are in a classroom or lunch room.

3. Encourages Good Posture

Although multipurpose chairs do not have cushioning, they are exceedingly comfortable. The contours of the seat shape and back encourage the user to sit with good posture, which reduces pressure and increases comfort.

4. Durable

Multipurpose chairs are engineered to be able to withstand heavy use, frequent movement, repeated stacking, lengthy storage and transportation. In fact, they are some of the most durable chairs we sell. This is thanks to the heavy-duty materials used in the chairs, including high-density polypropylene and strong carbon tubing.

5. Convenient To Store

Stackable chairs have a naturally small footprint, and they can be easily stacked several chairs high for storage. Each stack of chairs takes up very little space, which makes them much easier for storing. The easy-to-clean materials also make it possible to store these chairs for a long period of time — simply pull them out of storage, wipe them down with a damp rag and they’re ready for use!

6. Pick Colors To Match

Even designers love multipurpose stacking chairs because the materials are easy to color in whichever shade you would like. We recommend bright and inviting colors for day cares and preschools and more subdued colors for auditoriums and older students.

7. Easy To Clean

When you are dealing with large group events or children, you will inevitably have to clean your stack chairs. Fortunately, multipurpose seating was created to be easy to maintain and to clean without any special chemicals.

We have a great selection of multipurpose seating for every age group and need. Please visit our product page to browse our selection or call one of our representatives to discuss your needs.