7 Cafe Table Decor Ideas

Posted by Ryan Owens on Nov 25th 2014

Customers come to us for a variety of seating and table requirements. From church chairs to computer tables to restaurant furniture – we supply it all. With nearly three decades of experience, Classroom Essentials has a reputation for top-notch quality, affordable prices and excellent customer care. If you’re looking for decorating ideas for your cafe, read on below for a few simple and practical suggestions.

A Pop of Color

Don’t just use color on your tables — spice up your chairs as well. Upholster your chairs in varying hues to give your cafe an instant burst of color. You can group chairs with the same colors together around a table or spread them around as your mood dictates. Use a color wheel to find a range of colors that complement one another so you don’t end up with a jarring color landscape.

The Warmth of Wood

Invite patrons inside your cafe with the homey appeal of wood furniture. Nothing exudes warmth and coziness quite like wood, so consider it for your tables, chairs or wall accents.

A Touch of Whimsy

Give your cafe a new look every season by using themed tablecloths. Some appropriate ideas could include flowers during springtime, a beach scene in the summer, pumpkins in the fall and holiday-inspired tablecloths for winter.

Glass Class

For a touch of class and simple elegance, go with glass tabletops and cushioned chairs. Use elegant and dainty plate settings to complete a quasi-Victorian look.

An Eclectic Design

If you want to give your establishment a casual ambiance, opt for different types of tables and chairs. Juxtapose wooden tables with glass-top ones, round tables with square tables, wrought-iron chairs with cushioned chairs, etc. Customers will feel instantly relaxed and more inclined to linger over a second cup of coffee.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Give your patrons a variety of seating options. Set up sofas and ottomans along with traditional cafe chairs and tables. You can use bar stools even if you don’t have a bar. Simply arrange the stools around a high table big enough for four.

Classic Elegance

Consider using Louis XIV-inspired chairs and tables with classic cabriole legs in your cafe. This type of furniture never goes out of style and will give your cafe an air of sophistication and distinction. If this is what you’re after – go for it.

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