A Guide to Cleaning Your Wooden Chiavari Chairs

Jul 18th 2022

White Wood Chiavari ChairsIf you own or manage an event rental company or venue, you know that chiavari chairs are one of your most popular furnishings for fancy events like weddings. After all, just about everyone wants charming and beautiful decor for their big day.

So you’ve bought a wide selection of chiavari chairs to rent out and they’re used quite regularly. But you know that the best way to get the most return on your investment is to make sure they last a long time. Taking good care of your stock of chiavari chairs is one of your top priorities.

Thankfully, chiavari chairs are actually more sturdy than they might seem, which means that touch ups aren’t needed very often. So it’s time to put down the paintbrush and figure out exactly how to care for these lovely chairs. Read on for some tips and ideas to keep them going for years.

An Ounce of Prevention

A huge part of keeping any chair in good shape is to always keep up with maintenance. After each rental, you or your staff should take the time to check each and every chair. Tighten screws or bolts, check for scuffs, and look for edges that might have been bumped around. If you catch any splintering or joint loosening, take care of it right then with wood glue.

Proper maintenance will save you the headache of dangerous or malfunctioning chairs during events and stressful times. Always keep extra chairs on hand for those moments when you might need to replace a chair at the last minute.

Safely Store and Transport

When your chiavari chairs aren’t in use, you still need to think prevention. Always put chairs in storage rooms that are free of excessive humidity and moisture, since this will harm the wood.

Transporting the chairs can also cause problems due to all the excessive movement. You will want to invest in quality chair caddies, safely secure the chairs throughout the transportation process, and cover them to protect the wood from scuffs and dings. This kind of investment will preserve your chairs and ensure that they can be used for their entire projected lifespan.

Scrub Them Down, Gently

A huge part of prevention is keeping your chiavari chairs clean. Dirt, grease, and dust can harm the wood and get into the joints causing problems down the road. Plus, your customers won’t want to rent dirty chairs, so keeping them clean will further protect your investment and ensure that you're able to rent the chairs long-term.

Wooden chiavari chairs have protective coatings on them, so you don’t want to use chemicals to clean them as it can damage the coating. Simply use a soft rag and some warm water to gently wipe them down. For chairs that are harder to clean, add in some mild dish soap to cut grease and other difficult dirt.

Keep Them Going … for Years

A well-made chiavari chair can last decades. Just check out the vintage chiavari chairs kicking around resale shops and antique-type stores (check out a history of these chairs here). The wooden variety offers a quality material that can be buffed up to look good as new and is easy to repair and restore.

Always take wobbly or otherwise rickety chiavari chairs out of your rental selection right when you notice they are having issues. Tighten bolts, carefully apply wood glue, and clean up the surface to make them sturdy again. Keeping them clean and in good repair can make all the difference and will help you breathe new life into chairs that have been living in storage for too long.

A well-stocked rental supply or event ven

ue should always have good quality chiavari chairs on hand. They’re classy, elegant, and bring just the right amount of charm to any important event. These beautiful chairs will last years and years with the proper care and maintenance. Always keep them clean, tighten them when they get wobbly, and transport and store them correctly. Your customers will love your selection of chairs and how great they look every time they rent from your business.

If you’re ready to stock up on quality chiavari chairs that you can rent out commercially, we’re here to help you plan out your best rental stock. We offer a wide selection of chairs in many different colors and stains, and we pride ourselves on the best customer service. Reach out to us at Classroom Essentials Online by visiting our website at classroomessentialsonline.com or by calling (866) 404-7671.