A Guide to Modernizing Your Daycare With New Furniture

Posted by Ryan Owens on Mar 4th 2014

Daycare is a necessity that many Americans have come to rely on, especially those coming from two-career families. If you offer daycare services, know that Classroom Essentials Online has an extensive selection of daycare furniture and accessories that can help you provide your clients’ children with safe, excellent and comfortable care.

Play Items

Provide opportunities for learning with all the toys your daycare supplies. Include a wide range of toys, from imagination promoting building blocks and mini living sets to craft supplies, books and team activities.

Storage Solutions

Keep your day care safe and neat with assorted trays and storage solutions from Classroom Essentials Online. It is never too early to teach little hands to pick up and clean after themselves. It is a lesson that will serve them well in the sand lot, the business world and all throughout life.

Activity Tables

Daycare activity tables encourage children to learn from each other. It is also a good setting to teach them how to share (toys, books, crayons) as well as how to get along with the person sitting next to them; another worthwhile life lesson best learned early. The daycare activity tables and chairs from Classroom Essentials Online are sturdy, easy to clean and come in a variety of bright, fun colors.

Cozy Cots, Baby Cribs and More

Don’t forget nap time – we didn’t! Our daycare mats and cots are perfect for busy little bodies to lie down and catch a little snooze. If you have infants in your care, we also have baby cribs that meet new federal baby crib standards. Calm a restless infant as you cradle him or her while seated in our Lullaby Rocking Chair. It may just soothe your nerves as well!

From comfortable furniture for daycares to commercial-grade banquet tables, trust us to supply you with affordable, stylish and sturdy home, office, church and commercial furniture that you will be proud to own and use for many years.