Back-to-school Spending is on the Rise

Posted by Ryan Owens on Sep 19th 2013

According to the National Retail Federation, back-to-school spending in 2012 shattered previous records. The numbers have not yet been reported for the 2013 back-to-school shopping season, but we expect that consumers will continue the high spending trend through 2013.

Economic Recovery

One of the reasons that 2012 broke records was that parents were finally becoming more comfortable with their financial situation than they had been in previous years. During the recession and its aftermath, many families made the difficult decision to cut back on their back-to-school shopping lists and relied instead on having their children reuse what they could from the previous year, including high-ticket items like electronics. Now, they feel more comfortable, and many families are rewarding their children’s sacrifices with more expensive clothing, shoes, accessories and technology.

Schools are Also Recovering

Schools and their administrators are also benefitting from the economic recovery. An increase in sales tax dollars has made larger budgets available for local school systems, meaning that administrators no longer have to overlook their worn-down classroom furniture. We have noticed that many schools have chosen this year as the right time to replace the old furniture that they hesitated to part with during the recession.

Daycares are Flourishing

When unemployment was higher, many families relied on out-of-work or retired friends and relatives to care for their children. These days, employment is on the rise, and families are once again returning their children and their money to daycares. This influx of charges has improved the outlook for countless daycares, but it has also forced many of them to reevaluate the furniture they have available for the kids for whom they care. Many do not have enough furniture to adequately seat and entertain the children who come in, and this has encouraged these flourishing daycares to purchase additional classroom furniture for the 2013 school year. Don’t let your daycares and schools face the same setbacks and make sure as the new school year ramps up that you have all the equipment you need. Check out our wide selection today!