Banquet Chairs & Tables Setup Guide

Posted by Ryan Owens on Aug 28th 2014

There are a variety of ways that you can set up your banquet chairs and tables within your event space. What you should choose for an event will depend largely on how many people you need to fit in the room, the purpose of the event and any specific requests your client may have.

Classic Banquet Style

Classic banquet table placement involves long rows of adjoined rectangular tables placed side by side. This style of seating allows for the most seats to fit in the room while still giving guests and servers clear walkways. An additional seat can be put at the joint of each table, allowing you to add two guests for every table you attach.

Banquet Round Style

If your event host would rather use round tables for aesthetic or other reasons, you can easily fit several hundred guests with a little creative seating. Start by creating a line of round banquet tables at one side of the room. Leave enough space between the tables for guests to be able to sit down and comfortably walk between them. Your next row will be slightly offset from the original row. Keep it parallel in direction, but start the row at a 45 degree diagonal from the original row’s starting table. Your third row should be perfectly in line with the first row, creating a bit of a visual striated effect.

Conference Style

Smaller conferences are perfectly suited to having a cluster of rectangular folding tables for their setup. The cluster should have every one of the participants facing inward to facilitate discussion and decision making. Please be aware that this style of seating is really not ideal for groups of 30 or more. For large groups like that, you will want to create a U-shaped setup with a single focal point at the opening of the U.

Theater Style

If you’ve ever been to a comedy club, you will recognize the theatre style banquet setup: rows of small tables with limited seats, all of which face a central stage. You can remove the tables if the event will focus entirely on performance instead of a combination of performance and dining. Simply face the banquet chairs towards the stage in clean rows.

If you have a unique banquet table setup question, we encourage you to call one of our customer representatives. We are always happy to help you figure out what equipment you will need to make the most of your available space.