Banquet Seating for Large Groups

Posted by Ryan Owens on Sep 2nd 2014

Whenever you have a large group of people congregating for an event, you will have to artfully engineer the space in order to maximize each guest’s comfort. A major part of that process is ensuring that you have the right chairs to be able to seat as many people as possible while still ensuring that each guest feels relaxed, comfortable and uncrowded while they are seated.


Sitting for extended periods of time can be an uncomfortable experience for guests, especially if they have lower back pain or other medical issues. These concerns are common for large groups as one or more guests will inevitably suffer from them.

In order to ensure that guests are at their most comfortable while being seated for an event, large banquet halls and hospitality venues look for banquet chairs with appropriate cushioning. Here at Classroom Essentials Online, we encourage our customers to remember that thicker cushions do not always translate into more comfort over the long term for your guests. Instead of looking for thick cushioning, look for banquet chairs with supportive cushioning that will maintain their comfort over time.


The width, spacing and overall storage capacity of your chairs is also a concern. Guests want wider chairs so that they feel securely seated and fully supported, so you will want to buy stacking chairs that are at least 18.5 inches wide. You will also want to obtain a few chairs with a more generous width to keep on hand to ensure that all guests are able to be comfortable.

Table Logistics

Most large hospitality venues will have several 60-inch round banquet tables and a variety of rectangular tables at the ready for events. Typically, you will be able to comfortably seat 10 guests at a 60-inch round table with chairs that are 18.5 inches in width. Wider chairs will reduce your ability to seat as many guests comfortably.

Popular Styles

There is no denying that Chiavari chairs are one of the most popular banquet seating options available today. Clients seek out these chairs for their overall aesthetic appeal. Our Chiavari chairs come with added cushions to ensure that they are comfortable for guests, and we recommend that venues either use Chiavari chairs as their primary seating or have a selection of these chairs that can be offered as an upgrade over their standard banquet seating.

If you would like to learn how you can best maximize your event space while keeping your guests at their most comfortable, call one of our customer service associates today. They can walk you through which products we recommend for your space and help you to understand how these products will work within the space.