Banquet Seating Options That Will Give Your Venue an Edge Over the Competition

Posted by Ryan Owens on Dec 8th 2014

There is one element that is necessary for any type of event to succeed: comfortable seating. Lavish decorations, meticulously planned menus executed to perfection, wonderful music – all these and other event elements can be easily overshadowed by uncomfortable seating. It’s difficult to have a fun and enjoyable time when one is not properly supported by an ergonomically designed chair. This is especially true for events where guests remain seated most of the time.

From banquet chairs to different kinds of padded folding chairs, our merchandise will have your clients comfortably ensconced and relaxed throughout their event.


We have a wide selection of seating options from which to choose, but no matter what kind of chair you purchase from us, you will always be assured of high-quality, well-designed items. We negotiate with our suppliers constantly to obtain their best products at reasonable prices. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide variety of well-crafted event furniture that is guaranteed to last for many years.


From color selection to different types of fabrics, from Chiavari chairs to ballroom and banquet chairs, we have the selection that will please even your most demanding client. We keep up with the trends in the industry as well as with design developments and cutting-edge technologies, all so we can offer you and your clients a variety of excellent options. With our merchandise, you will enjoy the very latest in design and the very best in quality.


Everyone likes to save money without compromising quality and style. With our products and services, you can offer your customers top-quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Many non-profit organizations work with a limited budget, but even large corporations welcome savings, no matter how big or small. We work hard to keep our prices low without compromising on quality or service. For us, this is just another way to take good care of our customers and help venue owners grow their business and serve their clientele.

Be the venue that event planners and organization leaders will turn to again and again for special celebrations. Assure them of quality and affordable prices by offering them our banquet folding tables and Chiavari chairs as well as an assortment of folding chairs and other event furniture. Our knowledgeable staff and seasoned product specialists here at Classroom Essentials are always ready to help you make the right and affordable purchase for your organization. Call us today for any assistance you require.

Image Courtesy of: Flickr