Chair Sash Ideas for Chiavari Chairs

Posted by Ryan Owens on Dec 11th 2014

Versatile and well-designed, Chiavari chairs are commonly used in different events and celebrations like large corporate functions, intimate family celebrations, weddings, bar mitzvahs and company conventions. Chiavari chairs are popular banquet chairs that event planners depend on for safety, maneuverability and style. Below are several ways to dress up this classy chair design to complete and complement your event’s decor.

sashSimple Bow

For easy classic elegance, wrap soft fabric around the back of a Chiavari chair and tie a simple bow at the back. Coordinate the color of the fabric with your tablecloth for a unified look that will complete your tablescape. Pull the fabric tightly against the back of the chair and tie a double knot to make sure it stays in place.

Rose Bud

Begin by wrapping fabric around the back of the chair as above. Secure the fabric to the chair by tying a single or double knot, but don’t proceed to make a bow. Instead, weave the two lengths of the fabric together and wrap them tightly around the knot until it resembles a rose bud. Tuck the ends so they are hidden from view. You can overlap two different-colored or textured fabrics for variety and interest.

Artful Bow

Create an artful take on the simple bow by looping the fabric through the vertical bars on the back of the Chiavari chairs before proceeding to tie a bow. Alternately, you can simply secure the fabric to the back of the chair with a knot without tying a bow for a less formal appeal, or you can secure each end of the fabric to the edge of the horizontal bar with a pin to create matching graceful arches.

Basket Weave

Use a fabric sash that is six to eight inches wide and weave it in and out the horizontal bars at the back of a Chiavari chair. This will create an intriguing basket weave design that will have your guests marveling at your creativity and resourcefulness. You can even attach pins to the interwoven fabric to add a bit of sparkle to your event.

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