Choosing the Right Banquet Chairs for Your Venue

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jul 1st 2014

It is not easy putting together an event, regardless of how formal or informal it may be. Corporate functions, family gatherings and weddings are all equally taxing organization-wise, which is why careful, detailed planning is a must for ensuring things go as they should.

If you are still in the early stages of event setup, we can help you choose the perfect banquet chairs for your venue.

The Art of Banquet Chair Shopping

Seating is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of event planning, particularly because it can be difficult to find chairs that are at the same time functional, comfortable and aesthetically congruent. Sure, it is easy to hit one or two of these points, but all three?

At Classroom Essentials, we carry a grand selection of seating, all placed into the “banquet chair” category, ranging from economical, stackable models to the more luxurious and premium-grade Chiavari line. From wood to metal to solid-backed to cushion-supported, our inventory is a clear testament that no two banquet chairs are alike. We aim to have the perfect selection for all of our customers. It it is the dedication from clients and their overwhelming support and feedback regarding which chair types suit their specific needs that has helped us outfit our warehouses with the perfect stock of banquet seats.

That is just the beginning as we guarantee you will not find better priced chairs anywhere else. To give you an example of what we currently have in stock, the popular Advantage Black Banquet is sturdy and ideal for occasions of all sorts. Normally priced at $34, it is on sale right now for $17 with bulk orders available at the click of a button! Moving towards the opposite end of the spectrum to the premium banquet seating inventory is our various Chiavaris, which come in Gold, Black Wood, White, Mahogany and Silver. At $34 each, this is an incredible deal for one of the top chair brands in the world.