Choosing The Right Chiavari Chairs

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jun 9th 2022

One of the most important things to consider when scheduling an event is the decor of the venue. Those planning a big event, especially a wedding, are looking for the most stylish of settings. From the flowers and drapes to the tables and chairs, everything must be perfect, something that is hard to accomplish with a drab, dated space.

For many event facilities, chiavari chairs have become a hot commodity. Providing a traditional design mixed with a modern finish, a chiavari chair can serve a range of different event types. They are traditionally used in wide open spaces as wedding chairs for ceremonies and again as banquet chairs for receptions. They are also used for black tie events where the decor is as important as the attendees.

When looking to update your space, finding tables and chairs to match your color scheme can be difficult. Generally used only indoors, wood chiavari chairs offer a wide range of unique finishes. Available in black, gold, mahogany, white, mahogany, fruitwood and lime wash, there is a suitable finish to match almost any decor. For indoor and outdoor event spaces, resin chiavari chairs offer an extremely durable option. Featuring a heavy-duty construction and a choice of black, gold, mahogany, silver or white finish, their modern design can easily fit into most settings.

When considering an update to your seating, be sure to take into account the intended use and make an informed decision in terms of quality. Due to their sometimes delicate design, lower quality chiavari chairs may not hold up to constant commercial use. Be sure to look for key attributes of a quality chair, such as seats reinforced by steel plating (wood chiavari chairs), reinforced steel core construction (resin chiavari chairs) and no screw, one-piece, full spindle designs.

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