Choosing the Right Restaurant Chairs for Your Establishment

Posted by Ryan Owens on May 22nd 2014

For many people, nothing sounds better after a long week at work than eating out at a nice restaurant. What a perfect way to relax and ease your stress. Whether it’s a treasured local diner or five-star luxury cuisine, it is the relaxing atmosphere that draws people in. As a restaurant owner, your main goal should be to provide the ultimate dining experience.

Invest in Quality Restaurant Seating

No matter what kind of food you serve or specialize in, make sure it’s good and fresh. No matter the size of the space and available guest capacity, hire serving staff that will be polite, prompt and courteous. Last but not least, try your best to avoid buying inexpensive furnishings.

While you should not break the bank on costly chairs and tables, just remember that inferior seating is a major restaurant buzz kill. If you exceed expectations on food and service but fall short on seating comfort, you might lose a potential repeat customer.

To jump-start your chair-buying experience for your new establishment or a revamp of your existing furniture, take careful note of your restaurant’s size. Does it have indoor seating and an outdoor patio area? What kind of floor plan does the space have? Proper table placement is crucial for keeping guests from feeling crowded, which is why a combination of bar stools and rounded chairs works better in close-knit restaurants.

As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the room, the fewer tables you should have. Many new restaurant owners focus too much time and effort on maximizing capacity without realizing the negative effects of overcrowding. Keep a minimum distance of four to five feet between floor tables. Booth seating comes in handy for awkward corners and areas where conventional tables do not fit well.

The design of your chairs should be fully in line with that of the establishment. Upscale bistros are better served by high-end fabrics, while family restaurants and all-you-can-eat buffets can do away with standard cloth or leather. Never forget, comfort should come before style.

Finding restaurant chairs within your budget is a major consideration, particularly for new start-ups. Classroom Essentials Online carries a vast selection of restaurant furniture from metal to wood. Take advantage of our discount prices today so you can get your business up and running tomorrow!