Creating the Right Ambiance for your Restaurant

Posted by Ryan Owens on Sep 13th 2013

With 980,000 restaurants all over the United States generating over $660 billion industry-related sales each year, the restaurant business continues to thrive even in these lean economic times.

Eating out is more than enjoying a meal that has been prepared by someone else in a setting that is not one’s own kitchen or dining room. No matter how humble or extravagant the meal may be (pizza and root beer or a five-course, four-hour repast in a three Michelin star restaurant), it is the coming together of family and friends that is celebrated every time dinner (or lunch) is served in a restaurant.

Aside from the quality of the food, a restaurant’s ambiance is vital in determining the kind of clientele it attracts. Several factors contribute to creating the right atmosphere – lighting, décor, use of space, and of course, comfortable seating. When patrons are ensconced in chairs that are ‘just right’ (to borrow the words of a certain curious, golden-haired little girl), they are more inclined not just to enjoy the meal and the company, but also to stay longer — and maybe order more items from the menu.

Comfortable restaurant chairs exert a real but subtle influence on the atmosphere of any dining establishment. They must therefore be chosen with great care. The restaurant chairs from the Advantage series of Classroom Essentials are durable, affordable, and built for a diner’s comfort and ease. With several designs to choose from, these chameleon-like chairs complement any restaurant décor and enhance a patron’s dining experience without detracting from the food or company.

Aside from dining chairs, the Advantage series restaurant furniture also features bistro and café chairs as well bar stools. All are designed and manufactured with the ease and comfort of dining patrons in mind. With reasonably-priced restaurant furniture from Classroom Essentials, restaurant owners not only save money, but also offer their clients an excellent dining experience.