Different Uses for Metal Folding Chairs

Posted by Ryan Owens on Apr 1st 2014

Simple. Functional. Versatile. All of these words describe metal folding chairs to a T. Are these the kind of chairs you want a super formal event? Perhaps not. But for all your everyday needs, there is no better alternative. After all, chairs are meant to serve one purpose and one purpose alone: to give people a place to sit.

Comfort certainly plays an important role, as do style and design for a wide range of occasions, but for many occasions, ease and portability are paramount. Manufactured in bulk quantity and available from a huge array of in-store and online retailers (like yours truly), folding chairs are an inexpensive, practical and versatile seating solution.

Gold Medal for Metal: Seating Uses for Folding Chairs

* Any event you can think of – From family reunions to dinner parties to barbecues to weddings, metal folding chairs have long been the go-to seating solution for an untold number of get-togethers. Because these chairs can be dressed up or dressed down, their uses are only limited by your imagination.

* When durability matters most – Metal is by far one of the most indestructible materials on the planet, which is why it is found as a support material in nearly every major building and structure. Standard metal folding chairs weigh around 10 pounds yet are factory rated to support upwards of 250 pounds.

* For the great outdoors – Unlike wood, which can rot at the hands of the elements, or plastic, which can stain, metal is impervious to rain, heat and dirt. It will not rust and never needs maintaining. Talk about a sound seating investment.

There you have it. Are metal folding chairs the end-all, be-all chair material? Of course not, but they come pretty close if you ask us. You can easily browse Classroom Essentials’ vast selection of this and other seating choices online.