DIY Ways To Make Your Classroom Your Own

Posted by Ryan Owens on Sep 18th 2014

In addition to church chairs, banquet tables and folding chairs, we also carry preschool furniture. Our exposure to the daycare market has given us unique insights on how to create a classroom environment that is not only child-friendly but child-centered. Here are several ways that teachers of young students can decorate their classrooms to make it a special space that the children will be excited to come to each day.

Dress Up Your Bookcases

Attract the children to the books by covering your bookcases with brightly colored contact paper in a variety of eye-catching designs.

Give Them the Ultimate Nap-Time Experience

Paint a window shade black or midnight blue and punch out star-shaped cut-outs all over it. This way when you pull down the blinds for a mid-day nap, the children will feel more inclined to lie down and be still. Who knows, they might even actually take a nap!

Send Them Home Inspired

Stencil a simple uplifting message at the top of the door so it will be the last thing they read as they leave your classroom. It’s a simple way to send them home feeling encouraged.

Decorate Your Desk to Mark the Holidays

Use holiday-themed wrapping paper to cover your desk. It’s a fun and colorful way to make a boring metal desk more interesting and to make the children aware of and excited about the holidays.

Bring the Seasons into Your Classroom

Turn your classroom bulletin board into a seasonal reminder for the children. Glue festive fabric flowers to the magnets or clips during spring, then use leaf cut-outs during autumn and snowflakes during winter. To complete the year, you can use a sun cut-out as you send them off for their summer break.

Make Them Feel Special

If you have a sharing chair, make it extra special by painting it in vivid colors, drawing stars on it or adding smiley faces. Make sure that when a child sits on the chair to share his or her artwork or story, they truly feel like the center of attention.

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