Enjoy Your Outdoor Furniture This Autumn

Posted by Ryan Owens on Oct 3rd 2014

Although we are suckers for the summer sun and love the winter holiday rush, fall holds a special place in our hearts, perhaps because it is home to the few months of the year when people can actually enjoy their outdoor patio furniture and folding chairs. To ensure you can sit outside all day long and well into the late evening hours basking in the cool breezes and changing foliage, check out our helpful hints below to make your patio space perfect for fall.

How To Enhance Your Patio for Fall

Depending on where you live, investing in a portable space heater for your deck or patio may be a good idea. Fall evenings in Atlanta have been known to dip into the chilly range, so it never hurts to have a readily available external heat source. In their absence, bundles of blankets and hooded sweaters will do the trick too!

If you really want to crank up the warmth and ambiance in your backyard, consider installing an outdoor fireplace. Gas- and wood-burning types are equally fitting — just be sure to choose one that radiates enough heat and that complements your patio furniture theme. Another creative, efficient and hassle-free alternative is a gel-fueled fireplace. These do not require gas lines or electrical hook-ups to run, but you’ll miss out on the sublime smell and cozy cracking of burning wood.

No outdoor patio can be deemed fall-worthy without a beautiful display of pumpkins, gourds and leaf garlands! Incorporate these and plush cushions and pillows to create an unforgettable and festive decorative design. Trust us, your friends will be talking about how cool it is well into the winter season.

For seating, we recommend setting up wood folding tables and folding chairs since this furniture can be easily rearranged at a moment’s notice. Plus, the rustic look and feel of natural hardwood is an unbeatable autumn combination! Contact Classroom Essentials Online today to get order patio items that are perfect for fall.