Factors to Consider for Outdoor Restaurant Chairs

Posted by Ryan Owens on Apr 25th 2014

As a restaurant owner, you know one of the best ways to attract customers and to get more business is by creating a comfortable dining environment.Restaurant furniture selection comprises a major part of the dine-in atmosphere, especially for places that feature outside eating areas. The appeal of being able to enjoy a gourmet meal with fresh air is exciting for many customers, so that may make you want to reconsider your business’ current seating arrangements.

Change Up Your Outdoor Dining Chairs

The main consideration for any restaurant when it comes to seating is space. You want to make sure there is enough room for guests, but within reason. Problems arise, namely in the way of customer dissatisfaction, when your primary focus shifts to maximum square footage. Although your restaurant’s profits are tied directly to how many seats are filled at any given time, occupancy rates suffer when the dining area feels congested and/or constricted.

By strategically placing square tables and chairs near storefronts and compact stools at outdoor bar counters, you can enhance the flow of the dining area without sacrificing the number of seats. Chair material selection will depend on two factors, the weather and the design theme your restaurant is aiming to accomplish. Metal is sleek, modern and durable, making it one of the prime choices for cold-weather climates.

If you plan to be open year round, take the weathering brought on by rain and sunlight into account before settling on a specific material. You will also want chairs that are lightweight and portable for when the weather takes a turn for the worse, or when needing to rearrange the outdoor patio setting.

We are now approaching the prime season for outdoor dining, so it is important to be prepared for delays. Commercial-grade outdoor, restaurant chairs come in a vast array of style and color options, some of which can take awhile to deliver depending on availability. Place your order with Classroom Essentials today to guarantee a timely arrival. Your business depends on it!