Five Reasons to Rent Chiavari Chairs for Your Wedding

Posted by Ryan Owens on Apr 2nd 2014

Wedding ceremonies are meticulous events that usually involve a lot of planning and a high attention to detail. That is why staying organized is the key to mentally making it to the big day in one piece!

With that, no wedding is complete with the right seats. Still have a bit of shopping around to catch up on? Check out the Chiavari line of chairs. Thanks to their unmatched durability and classic charm, they offer the best of both worlds to soon-to-be newlyweds.

A Classic Choice for Any Wedding

Originating in Italy, these chairs have long been a popular choice at weddings and other formal events. They look just as great outdoors as they do inside, making them an excellent option no matter where your venue is. The frames on Chiavari chairsare sturdy and elegant and feature a unique, appealing bamboo-style design that cannot be found anywhere else.

Dual bars that connect all the legs provide extra sturdy support, and plush cushions that come in variety of breathtaking colors are guaranteed to keep your guests as comfortable as possible.

More Reasons to Choose Chiavari Chairs

* Ultra light – No Chiavari chair weighs more than 12 pounds with most coming under 10. The top benefit of a lightweight design? Portability! The set up and tear down process will be a breeze, so you do not have to rush around last minute.

* Compact yet cozy – In addition to being stackable, these chairs were made to be space-saving without making guests feel confined. Their smaller size means more guests can be seated around a table while their open design maximizes seating room.

* Ideal for any wedding theme – It is always nice to find the right product the first time. Chiavari chairs are not style restrictive; they mesh well with modern and classic ceremony themes alike.

* Affordable – For a moderately low price, you can purchase chairs from one of the top seating brands in the world. Many companies offer discounts on bulk orders as well.

* Quality, quality, quality – Need we say more? This household name never disappoints. Built to last, your Chiavari chairsare guaranteed to last for years to come.

Classroom Essentials carries a huge selection of these Italian-built beauties. Be sure to check out our inventory to ensure delivery in time for the wedding!