For School Seating, Plastic Stacking Chairs Are Still the Right Choice

Posted by Ryan Owens on Sep 30th 2016

Since the 1990s students across the US have been sitting on the same chair in their classrooms: the Model 114. Sometimes called the “super stacker,” this chair is a 15-pound behemoth made of a resin and sawdust seat over a metal frame. The chair’s legacy is enduring, but the design and choice of material have evolved. In the ergonomically-conscious age of today, the upgraded plastic stacking chair is undeniably the best choice for your classroom.

Plastic stacking chairs are more durable, comfortable, and lighter weight than alternatives. They won’t warp or fade with time and use. They can be arranged easily in any configuration used in your learning environments such as semi-circles, small clusters, or traditional straight rows. Plastic stacking chairs are perfect when temporary seating is needed at meetings or assemblies, for example – because they are light enough to be moved around and stacked easily and quickly. And many of the plastic chair options are molded, creating a comfortable seat with a smaller price tag than other varieties of chairs.

When browsing plastic stacking chairs, consider a few of these variables as you decide:


Comfort is crucial when looking for the right chair. Seek out chairs that offer plenty of back support and an ergonomic design. Plastic stacking chairs are molded to contour the user’s back and have enough flexibility to increase relaxation and decrease body fatigue. They come with a variety of chair seat heights to suit different grade levels and the diverse body types in the classroom. Studies have shown that students can focus for longer periods of time when they are comfortable. Plastic stacking chairs will optimize student comfort and thus maximize student success!


Chairs get pulled, pushed, tipped over, and misused. You want to purchase a chair that can withstand all the wear and tear of the daily classroom routine. Each plastic chair is set over a stainless steel frame and are perfect for resisting just about anything they might be subjected to in a regular school day. Hard plastic is generally more resistant to gouging and scraping as well.

Color customization

Plastic stacking chairs come in a variety of customizable colors. You can get chairs that echo your school colors to promote school spirit and your school’s mission. Or consistently employ a color scheme unique to your institution to create an aesthetically cohesive look. You can also use different colors to complement your interior design and make a visually dynamic environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Extra features

Another reason plastic stacking chairs are ideal for the classroom is because they are easy to move around. They are as lightweight as they are durable and are great for interactive learning or classroom environments that are routinely reconfigured for group activities. They are easy to store, stack, and unpack, making them ideal space saving solutions. Their design is also classic, so they are versatile: you can use them as easily in the classroom as in an office space for a faculty meeting or outside on the quad at rallies or student gatherings.


In addition to comfort and durability, price is probably the most important factor when determining which chair you will choose for your classroom. Plastic stacking chairs vary in price, dependent on the size and manufacturer of the chair. Depending on your school’s needs we can help you find a plastic stacking chair that is right for your students and your budget!

When deciding on the right chairs for your school, plastic stacking chairs are the best option. With a variety of sizes, colors, and choice of materials, Classroom Essentials Online offers the greatest customizability to suit the needs of your students and staff.