Get the Look for Less: Church Furniture on a Budget

Sep 2nd 2022

When you’re ready to revamp your church look with new furniture, it can feel disheartening to realize that your budget might not be enough. Sticker shock may cause you to feel like you won’t be able to purchase the new furnishings your dated church desperately needs.

But thankfully, there are ways to get great deals on church furniture without sacrificing your budget or your vision. There’s no need to choose used furniture. Here are a few ways you can get the look you want without spending all your hard earned donations.

1. Choose flexible furniture.

When you have a small budget, your new furniture needs to be as useful as possible. This means choosing furnishings that are flexible and multipurpose. If you choose church chairs, make sure they are individual chairs that come apart. Also purchase chairs that are stackable, easy to clean, and incredibly durable.

By choosing flexible furniture, you can set up the chairs for Sunday meetings, then rearrange them for a smaller group, and then even clear the floor for a party or a dance. Chairs that can serve many functions will be more useful to you over time.

2. Get the highest quality you can afford.

While this list is all about getting a great deal on furniture, you can’t forget about return on investment. Buying inexpensive chairs that are poorly made won’t get you very far if you then have to reorder chairs in just a year’s time.

Also, buy the best quality chairs and other furnishings that you can possibly afford. You need to consider the longevity of the item, not just the price tag. Your future budget will thank you.

3. Ask talented congregants to donate.

If you have a special idea for a new podium or another custom piece for your church, consider reaching out to community and congregation members. Find out who can craft one for you at either a steep discount or as a complete donation.

Many businesses and craftspeople would be more than happy to contribute. It’s a win-win as they get to demonstrate their skills for community members who might then hire them for their own projects. Don’t be afraid to ask your community to participate in making your church an extra special place.

4. Donations and used items.

If you have decorative items that you’d like to add to your church, keep an eye out at yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops. Ask your congregation if they have those items and if they would be willing to donate them to the church.

Be cautious about getting essential furnishings from any of these sources, simply because they may not be able to hold up to the rigorous use that church furnishings endure. But for decor and other similar items, these sources are great places to get things very inexpensively.

When you’re ready to upgrade your furniture and get that special look that will make your church feel complete, reach out to Classroom Essentials Online. We offer a wide selection of options, including customization for your unique needs. You can find us online at and by calling 1 (866) 404-7671.