Get the Most out of Your Board Space with a Reversible Dry Erase Board

Posted by Ryan Owens on Mar 5th 2015

For nearly 30 years we have partnered with our customers to find practical, long-term solutions to the seating requirements of their organizations and groups. From elegantly designed church chairs and durable classroom furniture, we have expanded our merchandise inventory to include daycare furniture, office desks, restaurant chairs and tables and so much more.

We work hard to find suppliers who will meet and surpass the requirements of our hundreds of customers all over the country. If you’re looking for a dry erase board that will give you many years of use, read below why we recommend our reversible dry erase boards from Ghent.

Safe and Durable

Our free-standing whiteboards are designed and constructed to provide many years of continuous use in a variety of settings. Its senon-magnetic surface is easy to maintain and incredibly long-lasting. Keep in mind, however, that as with any dry erase board, you should only use dry-erase markers to avoid scratching or marring the surface. Using markers not specifically designated for dry-erase boards can permanently stain your dry-erase board and significantly decrease its effectiveness.

Versatile and Convenient

Although it does not have casters, our dry-erase boards are light-weight and easy to transport. However, they are far from being flimsy or unsteady. Once the steel locking clamps are in place, the board is secure and safe from toppling over or tipping. Its reversible feature gives you twice the surface area and makes it easy for you to organize your presentation.

The fact that our boards are reversible and easy to transport make them the ideal choice for organizations that do not have a dedicated space for lectures or presentations. A multi-purpose room equipped with a number of reversible dry-erase boards and chairs can easily become a classroom or lecture hall, eliminating the need to build or rent space.

Well-Designed and Appealing

Our reversible dry-erase boards come in aluminum and hardwood frames and in many different sizes. Choose the material and dimensions that best suit your needs and complement your environment.

Come to us for a wide array of tables, chairs, classroom and office merchandise and other event furniture. From banquet tables to plastic, metal and wood folding chairs, lecterns, letter boards, restaurant furniture and stacking chairs – we carry them all and much more. Customer satisfaction has always been the driving force behind our business. Our commitment to supplying you with quality merchandise at reasonable prices continues to guide the way we conduct our business to this very day. Call us for a free estimate today.