Gold Chiavari Chairs Add A Touch of Vintage to Your Summer Wedding

Posted by Ryan Owens on May 6th 2014

Romantic weddings are back in fashion. Along with yards of Victorian lace and delicate tea sandwiches, brides are evoking the nostalgia of a bygone era with their choice of venue, wedding gown and even menu items.

Perhaps this is a much-needed antidote to the manic tempo of modern living. No matter the reasoning behind it, vintage weddings are back in style, so below are two ideas to help you create the classic vintage look at your wedding.

The Flowers

Choose traditional wedding flowers in your bouquet and venue. These would include roses, of course, as they signify love, but other beautiful options include stephanotis (happiness in marriage), mums (wealth) and gardenias (innocence).

Victorian brides often included orange blossoms in their wedding flower arrangements as these signify purity as well as the bearing of children. Learning to speak the eloquent language of flowers will definitely imbue your wedding with a vintage atmosphere.

The Setting

Make sure your venue is swathed in lace and the tables are laden with period silver urns or vases filled with romantic flowers. Seat your guests comfortably and in true vintage fashion in gold Chiavari chairs that evoke the subdued opulence of the era.

Monogrammed napkins and floor-length tablecloths silver-tinged with the patina of a bygone age – these all evoke a sense of a vintage past and work very well to recreate this unforgettable time and place for your wedding.

No matter what kind of era you wish to use as the backdrop of your wedding day, we can provide you with the banquet tables and chairs that you need for the ceremony and the reception venue. We have a wide range of seating options from which to choose that will ensure the comfort and safety of all your guests. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you – from making sure you order exactly what you need to ensuring its timely delivery and efficient set-up.