Guide to Buying Rental Furniture for Your Event Rental Company

Posted by Ryan Owens on May 20th 2014

Owning a rental business is no easy matter. With a constant stream of customers, all of whom place orders of various scales, the need for an adequate inventory selection is paramount. Companies that specialize in the rental of event furniture (e.g. chairs, banquet tables and other related items) must also always be on the lookout for styles and trends that they think their clients will appreciate.

How To Buy the Right Rental Furniture

The purchasing aspect of the company is just as important as the rental phase. In addition to choosing products your customers will enjoy (and rent), you also do not want to have to restock inventory every few years due to poor quality or construction. Investing in premium-grade materials and finishes will allow you to keep your supply of chairs and tables on hand for many years to come.

One factor all rental business owners need to be aware of is breakage. Though most customers will take proper care of the furnishings they rent and damage may be covered under your company’s rental policy, the need for replacements should always be on your mind. Having access to re-loadable inventory is key for never running short on supply, which, as fate often has it, can come at the most inopportune times!

If you are just starting your event rental business, you will need to balance your budget with comfort and maintenance. Inexpensive, sturdy chairs are not hard to come by, but be wary of sacrificing customer satisfaction for the sake of low up-front costs. Spending a little extra per piece could cause your rental income to skyrocket.

A great way to determine which products people are interested in is to analyze current fashion trends. Your goal should be to tailor your inventory to the most popular styles and designs as this will help you land the greatest number of customers.