Helping Young Children Build Strong Social Connections

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jul 17th 2013

Children learn to socialize by learning to function in groups. This is a skill that can be taught and nurtured from a very young age. Face-to-face interaction, often done while gathered around a table and engaged in an activity, has long been promoted as a good way for very young children to master crucial socialization skills.

Children learn to socialize in many ways. Playing is perhaps the simplest and often the most common way they do so. On the sandlot, the playground, or in a classroom setting, children develop social skills that will enable them to build relationships in adulthood. Early childhood specialists have long known this, which is why they endeavor to create environments and provide opportunities for proper socialization even for very young children attending day care.

Unlike regular classroom learning, where children all face the teacher (and the blackboard behind her/him), assisting young kids to acquire socialization skills is enhanced by face-to-face interaction. For this reason, the use of activity tables, rather than desks, is recommended by most practitioners of early childhood education. Activity tables encourage children to socialize with one another; it also helps them to see themselves as belonging to a bigger unit, thus strengthening and reinforcing their identity not just as individuals, but also as group members.

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Choosing the ideal set-up for your needs is a breeze because of the variety of colors and configurations that are built to last. Classroom essentials is stocked with an incredible selection; whether you have a home day care situation with just a handful of kids or run a big center with several dozen, you can expect to find everything you need to get your young charges on their way to building better and stronger socialization skills. It all begins by gathering them around a table – how easy is that?