How To Choose Folding Tables That Best Fit Your Needs

Posted by Ryan Owens on Oct 2nd 2014

Whenever your organization decides the time has come to invest in folding tables, it can be difficult to determine which type of folding table will best suit your needs. All of the folding tables we offer at Classroom Essentials Online are of the highest quality, but some may be more ideal for your uses and budget than others.

Wooden Tables

Wood folding tables have long been the go-to table for hotel banquet spaces and for good reason — these tables are rigid and fairly strong. Some even have laminate tabletops that can be used on their own without tablecloths. Tables with a laminate surface are stain-resistant, won’t crack or splinter, are easy to clean and will typically resist damage from heat or water. Wood tables without laminate tops can sometimes suffer from cracking, warping and splintering, so be sure to check customer reviews and consider your usage and storage before investing. Please also remember that wooden tables are the heaviest option available.

Plastic Tables

Plastic folding tables are another popular choice in the commercial hospitality industry. These tables have a lower cost and can be easy to acquire should you need more. Plastic tables come in two different construction types, and there is a difference in durability based on type. Blow-molded polyethylene tables were originally designed for the residential market, so they are lightweight and easy to clean. Unfortunately, these tables are not as durable as their counterpart because they do not have an internal frame structure.

Thermoformed ABS tables have internal wooden frames that add strength, durability and increased load-bearing ability. These tables have significantly tougher and more appealing tops, yet they do not weigh much more than blow-molded tables.

Aluminum Tables

Aluminum banquet folding tables are by far the lightest and strongest tables available on the market, but they are often the more expensive option initially. However, these tables can last a lifetime, are virtually maintenance-free and do not require linen covering to look beautiful. Over the life of your organization, it is likely that you will easily recuperate the cost of these tables because you will not have to replace them.

We have a fantastic selection of each of these types of tables in a variety of sizes and shapes for you to choose from. If you are looking for folding tables, browse our selection online or call one of our customer service representatives today.