How to Choose the Best Student Chairs For Your School

Posted by Ryan Owens on May 3rd 2016

Student chairs are a crucial component for supporting the educational, social and other needs of students in the school setting. Schools require the right chairs in classrooms as well as in auditoriums, faculty rooms and other spaces. They may even need extra chairs that can be stored and brought out to fill a gym or other space for a graduation ceremony and additional events throughout the year.

The prime chairs for school use are ones that fit the school’s budget, fulfill their purpose and are easy to store. They also need to be comfortable for a variety of students and faculty members of differing sizes and weights. For instance, children in lower grades generally need smaller chairs than students in high school. The size also needs to fit desks, tables or standalone spaces depending on the school’s various needs for the chairs. In addition to the size of the chair, schools should consider the design of the chair and the material it’s crafted from.

While we sell a variety of chairs suitable to a school setting, we’ve found that plastic stacking chairs provide the best blend of features for a typical school.

Benefits of Plastic to a School Setting

Plastic is an excellent material for student chairs. This material does not chip or splinter like wood can. It creates a lightweight chair that is easy to lift and move. Finally, since plastic can be easily molded into different shapes, this material is ideal for transitioning into a comfortable and ergonomic position that gives students proper posture to help their bodies and their ability to focus on schoolwork.

Plastic provides a stylish look as well, offering schools the option to choose from different designs and colors to fit their decor or theme. Plastic chairs also provide a good value for schools since they are durable yet affordable, especially when the school takes advantage of bulk pricing. And if these benefits weren’t enough, these school chairs can easily transition from one area and purpose to another, providing a flexible and useful option for seating!

Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs are generally the best choice for schools that don’t use fixed desks, and plastic chairs tend to be the easiest type to stack.

Stacking allows the school to combine a large number of chairs into a small space, maximizing areas designed for storage when the chairs are not in use. With stackable chairs, the school can have extra chairs on hand for when they’re needed for special functions. Folding chairs, on the other hand, can be easy to store but have a much higher chance of being damaged in storage due to their moving parts.

Strength and Durability

Schools need chairs that can handle a lot of use and abuse over time. Plastic provides the long-lasting strength that fits this rough setting, as it’s generally crafted from high-density polypropylene. The durable frames support the plastic seats, as they are created from non-corrosive, long-lasting metals like 18-gauge nickel with chrome plating that adds to the strength and visual appeal of the chairs. Finally, hidden rivets complete the look of each chair, while the legs include nylon tips to keep them from damaging floors when the chairs slide.

Ease of Cleaning

Another important consideration for schools is how easily students or cleaning staff can clean the chairs. This is another area where plastic chairs shine since the solid, non-porous surface is simple to wipe down and sanitize. Plus, plastic tends to stain less than wooden chairs. However, school administrators should keep in mind that darker colors are prone to keeping plastic chairs looking their best, as lighter colors often show pen marks, scuffs and other marks more prominently.

Choosing the Right Chairs

Plastic provides many of the features schools are looking for in their chairs. They offer stability, ergonomics and comfort to help students sit and stay focused during long periods of time. They also provide the durability, affordability and ability to stack that are important to most schools. Administrators have the choice of different colors and styles to fit the school’s budget and needs.

No matter which type of chair would work best for your school, Classroom Essentials Online has a chair that will fit your needs and preferences. A family-owned business that makes a commitment to customized care and a high level of service, Classroom Essentials Online prides itself on taking care of the bulk seating requirements of schools.

We offer a range of chairs to fit different rooms and needs, at a bulk price that helps schools fit their budgets. We carry chairs in a variety of sizes to fit different students and purposes for the chairs, and our chairs come in an array of styles and colors. Nonetheless, they are all crafted in an ergonomic position for comfort and back support.

Classroom Essentials Online is a leader in supplying schools and groups with bulk chairs to fit their needs. We stand by sound principles and a commitment to our customers. We hope to work with you and take care of your school’s chair needs in an honest and professional way.