Ideas for the Best Set Up of Your Computer Lab

Posted by Ryan Owens on Nov 18th 2014

Time and again our customers tell us how much they appreciate our extensive list of top-quality merchandise. From church chairs to preschool furniture to a wide range of sturdy office and event furniture – we have them all here at Classroom Essentials. If your school is setting up computers in a separate lab or in the classrooms, talk to one of our customer service agents to learn about our inventory of computer tables. Below are a few important pointers to keep in mind as you go about setting up your learning space with computers.

Plan for Adequate Space

Know ahead of time what type of computers will be set up in your computer lab or classrooms. Laptops may require less space but a different height of tables, while desktops may need more space as well as sturdier computer tables. If students will be sharing computers, you have to allot adequate space for that as well. If the computers will be placed in the classrooms as opposed to a dedicated computer lab, make sure there is ample space for you and the students to move safely around the room when the computers are not in use.

Allow for Proper Ventilation

A dozen computers in one room will likely not require any major changes in the room’s ventilation set-up. The more computers you put in one room, however, the more likely it will be that you have to make significant changes in your ventilation system. A suitable computer environment not only protects your machines, but also helps create a more conducive learning atmosphere.

Clear and Uniform Instructions for Computer Use

Students will most likely use the computers for more than one subject. Make sure your teachers follow the same rules and procedures each time they incorporate computer use in their lessons. This will reinforce and encourage proper computer etiquette and use among the students. Knowing the type of behavior that is expected of them every time they use the computers in school allows them to work more efficiently and productively.

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