Is Your Banquet Seating Up to the Challenge? 5 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Business

Sep 23rd 2022

If you run a venue, operate a furniture rental company, or just rely on having access to a variety of furnishings to successfully run your business, you know just how important it is to have the right furniture.

Nothing is worse than having a customer with specific needs or wants, and being forced to tell them that you can’t help them. As you mentally assess your catalog of chairs and tables, you know it’s time to expand what you offer to your clients.

Whether you have a stationary location or if you are constantly loading up furniture and delivering it, it’s so important to ensure that you can delight and support your customers as often as possible. With happy customers come great referrals, so you can’t miss out on important moments to make your business shine.

So what types of furniture should you have anyway? And how should you choose it?

Here are a few tips to help you make sure you’re ready for anything that customers might throw your way.

1. Determine your particular niche and target market.

While it’s great to have as many types of furniture on hand as possible, it’s not necessarily practical for every business. Maybe you’ve got storage constraints or limited space in general. Either way, it’s usually a good idea to know exactly who you’re targeting. Then you can stock up on the kinds of chairs and tables you know they’ll be asking for. Find out what their dream furnishings are and have lots of them on hand.

2. Make a list of frequently used furniture and stock up.

If your business is already well-established, you should have the ability to pick up on patterns and trends with what your clients ask for. Go through past projects and calculate the number of times each type of chair and table has been requested and used. Determine which ones are the most popular, then check to see if you have enough. If those furnishings are starting to wear, you know it’s important to have more on hand to balance out the use.

3. Don’t forget about special occasions.

While it’s important to have the kinds of furnishings on hand that fit your target market, don’t forget to keep furniture around for those extra special occasions that pop up now and again. Being well stocked with furniture is about being ready for anything, including wowing your clients who have special needs by delivering exactly what they want.

4. Always buy quality furnishings.

This is an important tip, especially if your furnishings see high use. Never, ever skimp on quality to save on cost. You’ll pay for it in the long run when you have to replace furniture long before you should have to. Always assess quality, check for testing standards on the frame and the upholstery, and pick a company that proudly shows quality. Avoid buying used furniture as you won’t know what it’s been through and it might not last long.

5. Assess if the furniture is durable and easy to clean.

You want to make sure that that furniture you choose is going to be highly durable. Since your furnishings will be used over and over again, you want to ensure that it will never break, collapse, or develop structural weaknesses while in use. To ensure extra safety, always check chairs after each event to make sure that they are still sturdy and strong.

Also, choose chairs that are easy to clean and made for commercial use. While a beautiful chair might look quite appealing, it might be a nightmare to clean. Always wipe down chairs after customers bring them back so they stay shiny looking as long as possible.

Look for the Best

Always choose the best chairs you can afford, pick a wide selection to offer the best to your clients, and take good care of your furnishings once you’ve got them. You’ll delight clients with your selection and customer service, helping you to bring in more clients and build a business you’ll love.

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