Keep Your Audience Informed with Letter Boards

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jan 20th 2015

If you own a business, folding chairs and banquet tables aren’t the only equipment worth having on hand. Investing in a letter board is a great way to keep your audience in the know. Letter boards can be used by many different business types, including churches, restaurants, theaters, banks, schools and more. They are made to be interchangeable and to be informative. Most letter boards consist of two glass doors that open with a key that have sliding, transposable letters, numbers and punctuation that rest on a slated, monochromatic background.

Location Is Crucial

It’s important to put your letter board in a high-traffic area or waiting area where you know it will be seen. While it is a good idea to mount your letter board outside of a doorway, be mindful that swinging doors may block your letter board’s important information too easily. You want your information to be easily seen by everyone who walks past.

Wording Needs To Be On Point

Don’t be too long winded. Be short and informative while keeping your letter board friendly. Show that you are welcoming, and make them easy to read. Don’t use too many adjectives, and don’t say more than you need to say. It is necessary to communicate professionalism and direction synonymously.

Consider Different Spacing

Sometimes when the words are too cramped together, it can make you feel like you have more space and may need to include more information. Remember, it’s crucial that you only keep the necessities on your letter board to engage your target audience. Short but sweet will be the best policy every time.

Stay Relevant

If it’s March and your letter board still says “Merry Christmas,” then you definitely need to change things up. Sometimes, switching up the content of your letter board will make it something your audience makes a point to read. They will make it a habit of reading every time they walk past it if it always has something new, different or interesting to say.