Outdoor Event Inventory: Is Your Furniture Prepared for Summer Showers?

Posted by Ryan Owens on Apr 15th 2017

If you own an event venue or an event planning business, furniture that can be used in all types of weather is a must. Although no one wants rain on their special day, weather is unpredictable and summer showers are inevitable. While you cannot control the weather, you can be prepared with the right tools and supplies to pull off the perfect event no matter what.

Outdoor areas maximize the overall venue space without the added costs of creating more indoor space or hiring a larger venue. Increasing the usable space during your events will increase your profit margin as well. And, your guests will enjoy a cozy outdoor patio for a bridal brunch or a birthday party, even when it’s lightly raining.

Additionally, you want to choose event furniture that is made to withstand the elements. It would be a poor investment to purchase trendy, expensive tables and chairs just to have them warp or rust in the moisture and scorching heat of your summer weddings and other events.

Here are a few furniture pieces and ideas to help you create outdoor event spaces that provide comfort and shelter to your guests and patrons.

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Your specific venue space will dictate which chairs will work best for you. If you have a cozy patio to furnish for a cocktail hour, you’ll want diverse chair options. Select a few chairs for high-top tables and some regular height chairs for small, intimate tables.

For all kinds of venues where you may host outdoor events, you’ll want to consider resin chiavari chairs, metal banquet chairs, and simple plastic folding chairs that can be dressed up for any event. Resin, metal and plastic chairs are weather resistant and can withstand the elements that come with outdoor events. They need to be coated with a finish that will protect them from all kinds of weather. Think critically about where you place metal chairs, as they can be very cold in cool weather and very hot in the direct sun.

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You’ll likely want a diverse selection of tables, too. You can choose between lacquered wood and plastic tables for outdoor events. Just make sure that the table material is weatherproof and coated for durability. Most Plastic banquet tables are a great option with 18-gauge steel frames and thick plastic tops for the utmost durability. Add linen tablecloths and these tables are ready for the most elegant of events!

Create small nooks for event patrons to enjoy using small round or square tables with a few chairs. Don’t forget to accommodate for larger events as well. You can make your venue's outdoor space even more flexible by providing a few smaller tables to create one large one.

If you're searching for pieces to add to your event inventory, you’ll likely need an assortment of large tables for banquet-style seating, round tables for big dinners, and smaller tables for more intimate weddings and similar events. Having a range of sizes allows you the flexibility to execute any event that you're commissioned for.

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Lights and Special Touches

To really draw your event guests outside, you’ll want to mimic and match the ambiance that you have worked hard for on the inside. Hang lights and outdoor-friendly decorative elements that create an unforgettable ambiance. Flameless candles, hurricane lanterns, and tiki torches can be a great touch for summer weddings and other events.

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Pay special attention to your guest's comfort with outdoor heaters, misting sprays, or overhead fans. Figure out where wind and traffic sounds are most irritating and integrate design-savvy blockers to reduce annoyances. Install screens that can be pulled down to block rain that might be blown in sideways, ruining an otherwise perfect dinner or father-daughter dance. Decorate tables with items that have been weighted so they don’t blow away. Offer guests small lap blankets and place weather resistant pillows strategically for comfort.

Often, we think about summer showers and excessive sun exposure as an event-ruining season. But it doesn’t have to be. Give thought to your venue and event furniture inventory and even the rainiest day can be just a minor annoyance or even an added ambient benefit.

Don’t forget design and style in your quest for comfort. Quality is important, as well, as all of your furniture needs to be weather resistant and durable for the thousands of guests who will be using these pieces year after year. The higher the quality, the longer you will be able to use and rent your inventory, increasing your return on investment as your business flourishes. Everyone enjoys a beautiful outdoor event, especially when quality and comfort have been taken into consideration. Your business can be the first place they think of when they want to create an extra special experience. Visit us today at Classroom Essentials Online to get started in building your event furniture inventory that can be used both indoors and out.