Premium Banquet Chairs – What Sets These Apart?

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jan 3rd 2012

At Classroom Essentials Online, one of our popular lines of banquet chairs are these 

Discount Banquet Chairs, Church Chairs, Folding Tables and Chairs, School Furniture and more at ClassroomEssentialsOnline.comsilhouette back Premium Stackable Banquet Chairs. At first glance these fabric padded banquet chairs offer the same basic features of any banquet chair: padded waterfall seats and backs and a heavy-duty metal frame shaped to allow stacking. Upon a closer look however, these particular Premium Banquet Stack Chairs offer Teflon® coated fabric to better resist stains, in durable, woven fabric in rich, luxurious colors.

We offer these high-quality, long-lasting padded banquet stack chairs Banquet Chair Fabric Swatch | ClassroomEssentialsOnline.comat a tremendous discount. For comparison, we invite you to view the same chair from Hertz Furniture, School Outfitters, or Alfax Furniture.

Our Premium Banquet Chair is 40% to 50% less!

Each of these banquet chairs offers self-leveling, quiet glides at the end of each chair leg, allowing chairs to slide smoothly on all surfaces, and helping to prevent rocking and instability on slightly uneven surfaces. The upholstery on these better-quality banquet chairs is finished with French stitching, and each banquet chair features a “Silhouette Back” with no tabs or screws showing, offering an upscale look, yet still at a budget price Banquet chairs, or banquet stack chairs, are used in many applications due to the combination of comfort and convenience. You will find stacking banquet chairs being used for banquet seating, restaurant seating, cafeteria seating, as church seating in fellowship halls, and for special events and overflow seating. Various fabrics and frame finishes allowDiscount Banquet Chairs, Church Chairs, Folding Tables and Chairs, School Furniture and more at you to match your banquet chairs to your facility’s decor.

At Classroom Essentials Online we aggressively manage our overhead, so we can in turn pass on exceptional savings to our valued customers. We can put together banquet furniture packages for each customer’s specific needs – coupling the best combination of banquet chairs, folding tables, chair caddies and folding table caddies of the highest quality at the best prices. Once we’ve helped you to select the best banquet furniture options for your church, school, fellowship hall or restaurant, we can then provide you with competitive freight pricing.

The staff at Classroom Essentials Online has a proven history of many years of service to churches, schools, daycare facilities and other business furniture consumers. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer your questions and help you create the most comfortable, durable solution for your furniture needs – all at a budget price! Call us Monday through Friday at: 1-866-404-7671. We look forward to hearing from you!