Quality Bar Stools for Your Restaurant

Posted by Ryan Owens on Apr 8th 2014

From the moment a guest enters your restaurant, their experience is influenced by their surroundings as well as the interaction with the staff and the quality of the food. Successful restaurants pay attention to every detail of the experience, large or small. This includes your choice of bar stools.

A comfortable bar stool can make or break your bar sales. If the chair is uncomfortable or poorly constructed, your guest will probably not order that second glass of wine or hang around until the end of the game.

Factors to Consider

Choosing quality restaurant bar stools that are designed for comfort, as well as aesthetics, helps to create an environment that will lead to better sales.

It is important to take into consideration the height of the bar or table when choosing a bar stool. There should also be a good amount of leg room for your guests.

Bar stools come in varying seat padding depths. Usually thicker is better unless it doesn’t fit well with the structure of the chair. Too much padding can sometimes make a chair uncomfortable and awkward.

There are additional considerations, such as whether the chair should have a back or not, or whether to opt for foot rest rungs. Most people find chairs that have backs and foot rungs to be more comfortable, and most quality bar stools include these in their design. The chair needs to accommodate many different types of body styles. Often two-rung bar stools are suitable for a wide range of guests.

Quality bar stools are commonly made of wood or metal. Take time to consider which is best for your restaurant based on style, affordability and comfort.

As a restauranteur, your goal is to get each person to spend as much as possible and to leave satisfied, so that he/she will share that great experience with others. Investing in comfortable bar stools is investing in the success of your business.