Restock Your Event Venue with Chiavari Chairs This Summer

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jun 24th 2014

Are you looking for the perfect way to set your summer event apart? The coveted special spark is not hard to find when you know what it takes to purchase the right furniture. There are few things that can make or break a space quicker than chairs and tables. Function and form either blend together perfectly or clash in a stylistic nightmare.

The Undeniable Beauty of Chiavari

At Classroom Essentials Online, we know you will do anything to keep the latter from happening. Stick with us and we guarantee your seasonal outing is going to be a success. How you may ask? It is a one-word answer: Chiavari. This treasured seating line, which has garnered a slew of modern alias such as Tiffany Chairs and Chiavarina, is the perfect blend of elegance and function.

The distinguishing characteristic that separates Chiavari chairs from the competition is the basic yet intuitive base design. The structural interlocking framework proves time and again that a chair need not be heavy or built from dense materials to maximize support. Chiavaris are as light and strong as they come, and their intricately carved frames are definitely something to be admired.

As the years have progressed, so too has the Chiavari design changed, although in subtle ways. While the brand’s modern chairs still hold true to the style of the original, manufacturers these days produce them in a wide array of materials and colors. To give our customers the freedom of choice, Classroom Essentials Online has a a diverse inventory of Chiavari chairs in stock at all times. None is any less popular or beautiful than the other, and each piece was hand-crafted for the ultimate build quality.

Since your summer event would not be complete without one of these gorgeous chairs, feel free to browse our stunning selections. The Advantage Gold and Mahogany lines are stylish and highly suitable for formal occasions, whereas are conventional Black, White and Silver Chiavari banquet chairs offer enough versatility to outfit any type of event. Whichever color you decide to buy, rest assured knowing that nothing exemplifies class better than a Chiavari chair.