Spring Break: The Right Time to Revamp School Furniture

Posted by Ryan Owens on Feb 15th 2017

You’ve known for a while that it is time for a big classroom upgrade, but the life of a teacher is hectic and non-stop. So you haven’t sprung for the new desks, tables, or chairs yet. Your current furniture is barely hanging on and is not effective for your students. Maybe it’s not age or size appropriate, it’s been through far too many students throughout the years, or it was hand-me-down and worn out when it was gifted to you.

Whatever the backstory, you know that the current furniture can’t hang on for much longer. And your students deserve to have a classroom that fits their needs and supports their learning.

But you feel overwhelmed with the task. A classroom overhaul is a big project and when will you fit it into your schedule? It turns out that during Spring Break might be your best bet.

Here are a few compelling reasons to finally jump for the new school furniture that your classroom has been needing for so long.

Student Input

One of the best reasons to revamp your classroom during Spring Break is that you’ve had time to see the current furniture issues in action. You’ve probably already been forming a list in your mind or even on paper. Your students have had plenty of time to test-run what you currently have and can tell you what’s wrong with what you’ve got.

You can even get them involved in brainstorming ways that the classroom could work better with different furniture. Kids are innovative and insightful, and that doesn’t stop with problem-solving for their own benefit. Perhaps you could involve them in a discussion and have them point out things they’ve observed to you. You might learn things that you hadn’t noticed before.

Great Deals

Most people are thinking about school supplies during the back-to-school season in the fall. That means that you can probably find a great deal on your new furniture now that it’s at the end of the season. If you order in bulk, you’ll get an even better deal which will make your budgeting a happier process.

Another angle to ensure you get the best price for your new furniture is to jump when you see a sale and simply ask for the furniture to be delivered during Spring Break. This allows for more flexibility on your part and it means you don’t overspend on shipping since you’re not in a hurry. Shipping times can be very long during summer and fall, as they are the peak ordering season for schools and teachers. You can completely avoid all the hassle by having your furniture delivered in the spring instead.

Help at Hand

Spring Break wins at being a great time for delivery simply because you’ll have more people around to help. During the summer, so many people are on extended breaks, busy with family activities, and on vacation. But during the school year, you can recruit other teachers, staff, and cleaning staff to assist with the overhaul. You get to save your back and get it done much quicker too!

Student Feedback

When your students come back to school after Spring Break, they will immediately tell you what’s working about the new furniture and what isn’t working. They can help you rearrange the classroom too, if necessary. If you’ve also redecorated, they will help you determine if everything is working together to make their learning process clearer and more streamlined. And they’ll be excited by the change, which is always music to a teacher’s ears.

Choices, Choices

When it comes to deciding which school furniture to buy, always look for quality. Each piece needs to last 15 to 30 or more years and should be built to withstand lots of use. Choose pieces that will work for many different classrooms and age groups, if possible. You can customize the furniture, but sometimes sticking to the classics is a better choice. Just remember that your purchases are an investment and the return on that investment should be as high as possible. Furniture should be solid but also relevant for many years.

Revamping a classroom (or entire school!) of furniture is a big project and should have plenty of thought and planning put in beforehand. Reach out to your students to find out what’s working and what isn’t. Take the time to look at each piece to determine what pieces are broken or unusable and what pieces have more life left in them. Consider your budget while also thinking about buying the highest quality furniture you can afford. Ask your students and staff for feedback after the overhaul, and don’t be afraid to rearrange and tweak as necessary. Through updating your furniture, your school will get an instant makeover and your students will be thrilled. Best of all, you can teach more effectively and that translates to better learning overall.