Summer Means Outdoor Living

Posted by Ryan Owens on May 15th 2013

Summertime is a great time to hold family reunions, corporate events, business, or product launches – practically any occasion that would benefit from the long daylight hours and great outdoor weather. And thanks to companies that rent out tables, chairs, and other equipment you need for such an event, pulling one off successfully can be a breeze.

Ahh, summer! Could any other single word evoke as many fond memories of lazy, childhood days filled with riding bikes down dusty roads, playing never-ending baseball games, fishing trips, swimming in the ocean, picnics, catching fireflies at twilight, and a slew of other unforgettable images of a time when the world seemed forever young?

With school out and the children home, families across America are bringing out the lawn chairs and lighting up the grill for a good, old fashioned barbeque. This is a summer ritual that begins with the first red hot coals on Memorial Day and lasts until Labor Day weekend, when cool autumn weather begins to deposit a layer of dewy frost on picnic tables and benches in four-season states all over the country. As if overnight, the coals turn into solid blocks of rock-hard chunks, impervious to even the most fevered efforts to bring them back to life.

Summer seating can range from a simple towel spread out on a lonely stretch of beach to a picnic bench in a crowded state park; it can be a comfortable folding chair dragged from the basement to the curb to watch a parade, or a rocking chair, weathered with age, placed in a strategic location on the front porch to watch the same parade … wherever you sit in the summer, chances are, it will be outdoors. In no other season does the outdoor beckon as beguilingly as in the summer time. With all-weather tents and tables and chairs that are readily available to rent for any occasion, it is easy to enjoy great outdoor summer gatherings without sacrificing comfort and style.

Summer Events (Big, Small and Everything in Between)

Not all summer gatherings are as simple and impromptu as a backyard barbeque. Summer is also a great time to stage once-in-a-lifetime, inter-generational, whole clan reunions which can easily double as family vacations. From informal, spur of the moment family gathering to elaborate, well-planned formal affairs — these rituals help define families and provide opportunities not only for serious bonding, but also for making new memories. Children develop a sense of identity and belonging, while adults reaffirm and honor the commitments they have made and kept through the years.

Whenever families and friends gather, either across a simple picnic table or a table bedecked in formal finery, they celebrate that which makes them who they are as individuals and as a group. It is a ritual as old as the human family itself, and one that will continue to endure through countless summers and all seasons.