The Importance of Finding Reputable Chiavari Chair Suppliers

Posted by Ryan Owens on May 13th 2014

Anyone who knows anything about quality seating solutions knows Chiavari is the supreme brand of choice. These handcrafted chairs were first manufactured by Italian cabinetmaker Giuseppe Gaetana Descalzi at the turn of the 19th century. Perhaps more commonly known as Tiffany Chairs, the sheer beauty and elegance of these pieces is something to be marveled at. Their unique structural design is unlike any other.

The Choice of Excellence

Each chair features multiple supporting sections at its base that are engineered to evenly distribute weight. As light as they are, the interlocking slot system made famous by Descalzi allows Chiavari chairsto seamlessly support hundreds of pounds. Compact, lightweight and portable, any buyer would be hard-pressed to find a better seating product.

Unfortunately, given the sheer popularity of the Chiavari line, a number of unreliable distributors have entered the scene, many of which fool customers into buying mimicked products and reap the rewards.

Choosing the Real Chiavari

There is no one type of Chiavari chair. What started out as a single line of products has evolved into a myriad network operated by manufacturers worldwide. Nonetheless, the defining characteristic of any chair bearing the name “Chiavari” is safety.

The supporting base should be held together strongly by quality materials, not cheap glue and flimsy brackets. To drive costs down for their customers, many companies will skimp in this department. Ask the business if they offer a warranty on their chairs.

Be wary of ones that stress their low prices or that do not provide any type of a guarantee. If the company has a reputation for producing quality products, they will stand by them. Along with that, make sure to do adequate research on the company before deciding to buy. Are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are there any noticeable complaints by former customers? Only do business with vendors that have an A+ rating from the BBB because quality beats price every time!

Never place an order from an online retailer without calling them first. Some companies post images of Chiavari chairs on their websites that are misleading. You could end up buying an entirely different product due to image misrepresentation, so contact the company’s customer service department to verify.

The customer service rep should be knowledgeable about the different types of Chiavari chairs and should have no issue directing you to the right spot.