Tips for Designing a More Effective Workspace With Office Furniture

Posted by Ryan Owens on Mar 6th 2014

The innovative use of space is crucial in creating a productive work environment. Ideally, an office, just like a well-planned city, should have designated areas for recreation, work, socialization, etc. Moreover, office spaces should foster collaboration and cooperation among workers; often, it is in their connectedness to each other that ideas are generated and solutions are found. Consider the following recommendations when planning your office workspace.

Helpful Hints

* Provide your employees with comfortable and ergonomically designed desks and chairs. Ideally, these should be adjustable to accommodate a variety of individual body types. Classroom Essential Online has a wide selection of well-crafted and sturdy office furniture that can help keep your workers comfortable and productive all day.

* Create alternative settings where workers can relax and still maintain a professional mindset. Provide café-height tables and bar stools for coffee breaks, for example, or even clusters of sofa seating for impromptu meetings. The idea is to encourage your workers to move about within the workspace in order to foster open communication and a sharing of ideas.

* Use color to inspire and get the creative juices flowing. It may seem like a trivial consideration, but studies have shown that color influences human emotions and attitudes. Avoid colors like bright lemon yellow or white as they are extremely reflective and can cause eye strain. Choose blue instead, as it helps keep workers calm and productive throughout the day. For jobs that require concentration and accuracy, incorporate red into your office color scheme.

* Provide space for meaningful play. It does not have to be anything grand or expensive; a dart board or a pool table will do fine. These spaces foster communication and build bonds that help people work together better.

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