Tips for Giving an Amazing Presentation

Posted by Ryan Owens on Oct 30th 2014

In our experience as a reliable supplier of top-quality church chairs, office furniture and banquet tables to different organizations throughout the country, we have learned a number of useful tips concerning giving successful presentations. If you’re interested in practical suggestions about this topic, read on below to find out how to turn the podium into a useful tool during your next presentation.

An Effective Shield

In addition to being a handy receptacle for your notes and other presentation props, the podium is an excellent screen for nervous hands or jittery legs. By all means use it to hide any outward manifestation of nervousness until you have brought your presentation anxiety under control.

Present a Clean Image

Keep in mind that when presenting from behind a podium, you are only visible to your audience from the chest up. Wear as few distractions as possible so your audience will focus on your presentation. For women this means no clunky earrings or flowing scarves; for men, avoid loud ties or fancy jackets. Your face will be lit from below, so anything that casts an unusual shadow on your face will be a distraction. Dress simply and appropriately so your audience will pay attention to what you are saying and not to what you are wearing (or the curious shadow on your face).

Adjust the Podium for Your Comfort

Get a booster step if you are shorter than the podium so your audience will not be looking at the top of your head as you present. On the other hand, if you are taller than the podium, adjust the microphone to accommodate your height comfortably. You do not want to be hunched over to speak into the microphone throughout your talk. If you’re presenting slides, adjust the position of the podium in advance so that you’re far enough away from the screens to see what your audience is seeing without contorting your body.

Limit Unnecessary Noise

If you will be flipping through pages or using a pointer during your presentation, keep your hands and outfit free of anything that could create any type of noise as you flip pages or reach for the pointer. This includes bangles, sleeve studs and chunky tie clasps. Keep in mind that any sound on the podium is easily picked up and amplified by the microphone and can prove to be a distraction for your audience.

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