Tips on Buying Office Furniture for New Businesses

Posted by Ryan Owens on May 1st 2014

You are more than ready to hit the ground running with your new venture. With a strong customer base and support team, the sky’s the limit for how far your company will go. That is, if there was a place for anyone to sit.

At this point, office furniture is probably the last thing on your mind. All you want to do is get your commercial operations up and running, so what does it matter what types of desks and chairs the space is outfitted with? Actually, a lot as the right workplace environment can make all the difference with respect to employee productivity and morale.

For this reason, furniture selection should hardly be placed on the back burner. Think of the most boring and mundane workplace you ever had the pleasure of visiting or working in. How did that space make you feel? Whatever you do, do no ruin this exciting new opportunity by buying cheap, uncomfortable furniture.

How to Buy Office Furniture for Your Budget and Needs

You cannot get from point A to B without first establishing a budget. While we have emphasized the importance of furniture quality, during the initial stage of your business it is best to prioritize costs.

In other words, that fancy mahogany conference room or banquet table can wait a few months after your sales have gone through the roof. For now, try to balance comfort and aesthetic appeal. Of course, you may have more wiggle room with fewer staff members to buy pricier items, but be sure to set a firm dollar amount right now.

Function over form is another thing to keep in mind. A fish tank or waterfall wall can certainly be a nice addition to your office space, but again, these pieces are not necessary. What you need are desks, computers, tables and chairs – the boring stuff that gets the work done.

Another thing new business owners need to keep in mind is location. Do you plan on relocating a few months from now or is your current address expected to be permanent? If and when it comes time to move, lightweight, portable office furniture, such as wood folding chairs, will reduce moving costs and time.

Wholesale purchases always yield better results in terms of cost-effectiveness, so buying from a bulk supplier like Classroom Essentials Online will certainly help you stay on budget.