Traditional Church Communication Still Holding Strong

Posted by Ryan Owens on Aug 31st 2012

Websites, Facebook, Twitter and blogs, are all forms of modern communication, along with thousands of other online resources. It’s no doubt that today’s forms of communication are a lot different than days gone by. With individuals and companies alike using these technologies daily to communicate and interact with their followers, where does that leave traditional forms of communication?

Though many churches have joined the bandwagon in adopting online initiatives to interact with their members, not all have found these means to be successful. Many older members find the adoption of these new technologies to be difficult and prefer a more classic approach to communicating with the church. Thus, traditional methods of communication still hold strong in many churches.

Common forms of traditional church communication practices include:

  • Church bulletins or handouts
  • Announcements during services
  • Postings on bulletin boards and letter boards

Most of these methods of communication provide a physical item for individuals to view. They require no login or web address, they simply provide information to church goers upon their arrival or departure. Bulletins or handouts are a popular means of communication as they often are distributed after a service and can be taken home by the individual or family. Announcements, both verbal and on paper, provide a deeper level of connection for parishioners with church administration, ministers and clergy. Bulletin boards and letter boards provide a set location for individuals to view the latest church news and provide a place for displaying church items such as pictures or important letters.

Bulletin boards and letter boards offer a great deal of versatility when used within religious education facilities, classrooms, gathering halls and church sanctuaries. Religious education facilities often use bulletin boards to display works of art for proud parents to view. They may also use letter boards to deliver important information to parents. Gathering halls often use this same type of of letter boards to list upcoming events or make announcements, such as the location of wedding or funeral gatherings. Finally, church sanctuaries may use these letter boards to display service times, the day’s hymns, and the church’s physical address.

As modern forms of communication become more and more popular, traditional forms such as these will continue to remain useful in connecting church members. If you or your congregation are looking to further your public communication, Classroom Essentials Online offers many traditional solutions to help you along the way. Whether you’re interested in letter boards or bulletin boards to post messages and information, or map rails and bulletin bars to display the work of children, we offer products in many different sizes and configurations to meet your needs. For more information please visit our website or contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives at (866) 404-7671 today!