What Kinds of Bulletin Boards Should I Put in My Classroom?

Posted by Ryan Owens on Oct 21st 2014

There are several elements that go into creating the ideal learning environment. Aspects such as adequate lighting, comfortable classroom furniture and effective acoustics all contribute to the learning process. As a supplier of preschool furniture, we understand this concept quite well. We make sure our merchandise is designed and built to foster learning in the classroom.

The use of bulletin boards in the classroom can be an effective means of enhancing the learning environment, which is beneficial to both the students and the teacher. It can help to organize student activities, direct orderly movement in the classroom and assist in learning new words or concepts.

Organizational Aid

Bulletin boards that display the daily schedule as well as a weekly or monthly calendar of classroom activities can be instrumental in helping students learn better and faster. Knowing what is expected of them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis means they come to the classroom prepared for the day’s lesson or activities and ready to learn.

Classroom Management

A well-organized classroom is conducive to learning. Use the bulletin board to direct your students to different areas of the classroom that have been designated for specific activities. You can use colors to delineate the various areas – blue for the reading corner, yellow for the art section, green for general classroom discussion, etc. The bulletin board can display these areas clearly so even very young students can easily follow them.

Supplement Learning and Encourage Good Behavior

There are several ways to use bulletin boards as a supplemental learning tool. Display new words or simple concepts so early readers and young students will retain them better. For classrooms with older children who already know how to read, use the bulletin board to reinforce past lessons as well as to remind them of proper classroom behavior and etiquette.

These subtle means of communication can be a powerful tool to reinforce a classroom lecture or reading lesson to help students absorb and retain knowledge better. The creative use of bulletin boards can also help a teacher manage the learning process more successfully.

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