What Makes a Good Chair?

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jul 30th 2013

How often have you sat in a chair in a doctor’s office, at a meeting or in a classroom and found that your chair is uncomfortable? Spending any length of time sitting on a poorly designed chair can be very distracting and even cause a backache. Classroom Essentials offers advice involving several elements that should be considered when choosing a chair.

The Seat and Armrests

The seat should provide ample cushioning and the front of the cushion should be shaped or rounded. If the seat cushion has a flat edge it can cause discomfort and potentially cut off circulation in the legs. The cushion should be 2 to 3 inches thick and made of a quality, resilient material. The armrests should be designed to take pressure off the neck and shoulders. Adjustable arm rests are helpful to people with more generous proportions.

The Back Support

The back support of a chair is very important, particularly for chairs that are designed for long-term use, such as an office chair. A chair back that is ergonomically designed uses science to evaluate the chair design in order to improve posture and avoid back strain and stiffness. A comfortable office chair can increase productivity as well as protect employees from injury.

The Height

The height of a chair is based on the average build of a person. The most common height from the seat to the floor would be 16 to 18 inches. For office seating, the height should be adjustable for comfort as well as to improve the ergonomic design.

The Stability

Stability is crucial, as a stable chair is safer to use. Any chair that has a wobble or is not sturdy should be left unused until it is repaired or discarded. An unstable chair can cause unnecessary injuries.

The Style

Another important element of chair design is style. As you consider all of your options, keep in mind the intended use of the chair as well how the chair will fit into your decorating scheme.

Good design is crucial in making church chairs, classroom chairs, office chairs, folding chairs and other types of seating comfortable and useful. Make your choices based on color and style as well as the ergonomic benefits of the design. Better design leads to enhanced comfort, which can increase productivity and decrease distractions. Classroom Essentials understands great chair design and prides themselves on producing a product that can meet your needs.