What Safety Features Are Important When Buying a Crib?

Posted by Ryan Owens on Oct 7th 2014

Safety and comfort are paramount considerations when buying any type of furniture, but they become even more important when you’re purchasing furniture for your baby. As a reliable source of daycare furniture, including chairs, tables and cribs, we make sure we offer only high-quality merchandise to all our customers. By never compromising on the quality of our products, we do our share in protecting and safeguarding the most vulnerable and most precious members of our customers’ families. Read on below for vital safety features you should look for when purchasing a new crib for your infant.

Simple Design

Many parents are tempted to buy a crib with an attractive, intricate pattern — after all, nothing is too good for their precious bundle of joy. When it comes to crib design, however, choose clean, simple lines rather than ornate cut-outs. The more complicated a crib design is, the more danger it poses to the infant in terms of their clothing or small limbs being caught and trapped.

Lockable Casters

Cribs on wheels can be convenient when it’s time to change the bedding or when you want to bring your baby (crib and all) to another part of the house. Make sure the casters lock securely to avoid any unexpected movements, especially when your baby is old enough to stand and jump on the crib.

Slat Spacing

It should be impossible for your baby to push any body part through the slats in the crib. If you can fit a standard soda can through the slats, this means the slats are too far apart and can pose a hazard for your baby. Choose cribs with slats that are no more than two inches apart, preferably less.

Adequate Mattress Support

Keep in mind that your small infant will be sleeping in the crib for the next two years or so. The mattress support should be sturdy enough to withstand a rambunctious toddler down the road. Some cribs have a metal frame suspended from several springs, while others have wooden boards as a mattress support. Choose one that fits your budget and will last until your toddler is ready for a real bed.

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