Whiteboards in the Workplace

Posted by Ryan Owens on Nov 4th 2014

Despite the deluge of useful apps designed to make workplace collaboration easier, there is still room in any office for the humble yet reliable whiteboard. In addition to banquet tables and church chairs, Classroom Essentials Online also carries a wide selection of office furniture and equipment, including whiteboards. Here are some ways that this versatile office equipment can still be used in the modern workplace.

Task Management Tool

Choose a location for your office whiteboard that is easily visible to all members of your team. Display each member’s task clearly on the whiteboard. This way, each member knows not only their own area of responsibility, but also which team member is responsible for other parts of the project. This allows for easy collaboration and consultation as well as quick and clear communications.

Temporary Task Area

Choose a magnetic whiteboard so you can attach reminders for quick temporary tasks to it easily – and just as easily remove the reminders when the task is done. Reimbursement receipts, a new client phone number you quickly jotted down, directions to a new branch — all this important information that you need to file but cannot quite get to right away can find a temporary home on your office whiteboard.

Message Board

Encourage your team to leave messages or reminders regarding a project on the whiteboard for everyone to see. This keeps members alert and everyone in the loop as to the current status of the project. Remind everyone to keep their messages strictly professional and limited to the project that you are collaborating on.


You can ink a permanent calendar template on your whiteboard and change the dates to keep it current. Tasks and deadlines can be clearly displayed so everyone knows exactly what the status of the project is with a single glance. As deadlines approach, this visual reminder will keep team members focused on their tasks in order to meet the set goals.

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