Why Wood Chiavari Chairs over Other Materials?

Posted by Ryan Owens on May 29th 2014

So you are searching for the perfect chair for an upcoming event, perhaps a wedding or family get-together. You want something that is stylish but easy to set up and tear down. Good news! Thanks to its effortless combination of function and design, Chiavari is the perfect solution. If this is your first time hearing about this famous chair line, let us offer a brief overview.

Classic Chiavari Is Always a Safe Bet

First introduced by Giuseppe Gaetana Descalzi in the early 19th century, the classic Chiavari chair, or Tiffany chair, features an elegant display of handmade structural support. The unique interconnected design is what gives Chiavari its reputation for being one of the most sturdy chair types. Descalzi’s original slot system remains part and parcel to the way these chairs are manufactured today.

Due to their simple yet extraordinarily functional structure, little has changed over the past two centuries in how Chiavaris are built. One feature sported by modern versions is the availability of multiple materials. In addition to the traditional wooden models, buyers can now choose from an array of resin and aluminum products, each of which has its distinct pros and cons. Customers primarily interested in durability typically opt for resin while those seeking the most lightweight option tend to gravitate towards metal.

Despite the increased popularity of these new materials, no one can doubt the appeal of wood. For many, there is nothing better than a classic wood Chiavari chair. Aside from the mood-setting warmth that this natural material provides, wood is considered by plenty of buyers to be the perfect middle ground from a functional and aesthetic perspective. There is a huge selection of wood types to choose from, including resilient Birchwood and Beechwood.

Customers with particular style preferences, namely with regards to color, will find wood Chiavari chairs the better option of the three as well. A variety of stains and polyurethane finishes make for color schemes that aluminum and resin simply cannot compete with.

This may too come as a surprise, but wood is usually the cheapest Chiavari chair material. Whether renting or buying, wood will probably give you the best bang for your buck.

So, for that extra special and unique occasion, Classroom Essentials recommends that you go with wood. For more information about the products we carry, feel free to browse our online inventory.