Will Wood Chiavari Chairs Hold Up in the West Coast Climate?

Posted by Ryan Owens on Jun 5th 2014

Chiavari is one of the most esteemed chair types in the industry, a gorgeous staple that has been used at events across the globe for centuries. The sturdy wood frame and lightweight design of Chiavari chairs makes them ideal for an assortment of occasions from outdoor weddings to family reunions to corporate outings.

Can Chiavari Chairs Handle West Coast Weather?

Clients on the West Coast and in areas where humidity levels are high tend to raise concerns with wooden Chiavari chairs about moisture damage, potential wood rot and issues with termites. While these worries are justifiable, high-quality wooden chairs and tables are manufactured and treated a certain way to seal and protect their beautiful finishes from harm.

Many clients tend to think metal or resin-based chairs are more aptly fit for tropical regions, but with the case of Chiavari and other brand names, quality trumps material every time. That being said, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing wood Chiavari chairs for West Coast events.

How to Choose the Chiavari Chairs for You

For your outdoor West Coast event, opt for Chiavari chairs made from Acacia wood. This is a very durable hardwood that is highly resistant to insects and rot caused by moisture.

You should also ask the dealer how the Chiavari chairs were manufactured. Wood frames that undergo an extensive heating process fare much better in tropical regions. The combination of high heat, steam and kiln drying serves a two-fold purpose. In addition to cleansing and sanitizing the raw wood inside and out of potential contaminants, this process also ensures any insects nestled beneath the surface will be destroyed as well. Furthermore, wood chair heat treatments are essential for moisture stabilization.

How well a Chiavari chair performs in tropical weather is directly related to the way it was manufactured. Chairs that are subjected to the above procedures and primed with quality sealant can easily withstand humidity levels as high as 80 or 90 percent.

Keep in mind that moisture resistant does not mean moisture proof. No wood Chiavari chair should ever be exposed to rain for an extended period of time. If you are planning an outdoor event and the possibility for a rainstorm exists, we recommend installing an overhead tent.