Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs for Your Most Memorable Events

When it comes to weddings and other formal events, your venue can't go wrong with chiavari chairs. With a classic look, elegance, and timeless appeal, your events will be picture perfect in every way. While plastic folding chairs provide much-needed utility for less-formal events, they are often not ideal for events where guests will be seated for long periods of time. With available cushion options, Chiavari chairs can be comfortable for the entire event and after-party.

The classic wooden Chiavari chair is excellent for indoor events and formal weddings. Hosting your event outside? Not a problem when you choose extra durable resin Chiavari chairs. For high-use businesses, resin Chiavari chairs are also an excellent return on investment as they require little maintenance and hold up to wear and tear.

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If there’s one thing you have to get right when planning a wedding, it’s nailing your style and decor. After you’ve poured so much time into the perfect theme and color scheme, chairs might not be at the top of your list. But they should be! And the customized look of a Chiavari chair can take your event to the next level. They’re available in colors ranging from from silver and gold to natural wood and even clear resin! Providing plenty of options for even the pickiest client.

The standard Chiavari chair is available in a variety of colors, but you can also choose something more unique. The cross-back chair is a fun variation of the Chiavari chair, with an elegance your guests won’t be quick to forget. They come in a variety of colors from natural wood to blacks and grays.

Generally, Chiavari chairs come in both wood and resin. The wooden chairs are excellent for indoor events, as they could get warped by moisture outside. They offer a beautiful, classic look. Resin Chiavari chairs are a modern twist on the classic look that provides additional durability. Easily host events outdoors without worrying about damaging the chair material. The resin chairs are extra durable, as well, making them an excellent choice for businesses that put their chairs through lots of use.

While Chiavari chairs are elegant and beautiful, they should also be sturdy and long-lasting. Never buy a chair that has been made with subpar workmanship. Always ask questions about the frame and attachments, as well as any durability testing that a chair undergoes.

Luckily, Chiavari chairs are available at a variety of price points, making them a great option for a range of budgets. The wooden chairs tend to be the least expensive, with the resin chairs in the midrange price point, and the wooden cross-back chairs at the highest price point. When you buy in bulk, you can save even more, leaving extra room in your budget for other important event purchases.